Air Niugini approaches online security seriously. Not only does it make us feel safer but it also protects our valued customers that book and pay for flights with us via our online booking platform. The below measures are put in place to assure customers that they are safe from search to book and pay for travels with us.

  1. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certification - All payment information exchanged online is processed in an SSL certification environment. This means that the sensitive information you enter during payment is encrypted and therefore cannot be intercepted and read by anyone other than the intended recipient.
  2. CVV/CSC - Card Verification Value/Card Security Code is a security feature for credit or debit card transactions that provides increased protection for merchants against credit card fraud. It is the three or four-digit number on the back of a credit card that you are asked to enter during the process of making an online payment.
  3. 3-D Secure- This is an e-commerce fraud prevention protocol that is used as an added layer of security for online credit and debit card transactions. This is achieved by adding another authentication step where users then input a unique password or unique code in order to complete an online payment.
    1. Verified by Visa - Verified by Visa protects Visa cards with personal passwords, giving cardholders reassurance that only they can use their Visa cards online. Once your card is activated, your card number will be recognized whenever it's used at participating online stores. A Verified by Visa window will automatically appear and your Visa card issuer will ask for your password. You'll enter your password to verify your identity and complete your purchase.
    2. MasterCard SecureCode - MasterCard® SecureCode™ is a new service from MasterCard and your card issuer that provides added protection when you buy online. A private code means added protection against unauthorized use of your credit or debit card when you shop online. Every time you pay online with your MasterCard or Maestro card, a box pops up from your card issuer asking you for your personal SecureCode. In seconds, your card issuer confirms it's you and allows your purchase to be completed.
    3. American Express SafeKey - The American Express SafeKey program (“SafeKey”) is a Payer Authentication service that adds an extra layer of security when a participating Cardmember shops online. SafeKey reduces unauthorized online use before it happens by validating the Card member’s identity with an additional password or unique value.
  4. Fraud Prevention Suite (FPS) – Air Niugini payment processor uses a cutting-edge e-commerce payment system that utilizes the most advanced fraud protection technologies available. FPS provides a score and rating for all transactions. This highlights the level of risk the transaction pose. This means that the fraud potential of each transaction is measured by examining a range of data and the final calculation of whether a transaction has an elevated risk of fraud is dependent on a broad spectrum of fraud indicators.